May 31, 2008


Today, one in every three teens have a cell phone. So what do we do about cell phones at school?
Parents and administrators believe that it distracting our learning when that point was brought into argument the students said that having 30 kids packed into a little classroom sitting in uncomfortable desks learning about topics that have no relation to them was more distracting.
Another argument that was made was that students would use the cell phones to set up drug trades. Yeah, probably somewhere a fair handful of teens use their cell phones to get or set up a trade but they probably use cars to go pick them up and money to pay for it, and backpacks/ pockets to transport it. So where are the bans on kids driving, carrying cash, using backpacks, or even wearing pants with pockets?

Here are a few pros and cons to having cells at school:

Pros :
- Instant Communication: if an activity gets canceled after school or something happens at home you can contact your child.
- Memory Aids: most cell phones have a camera, so children can take pictures in class of what they are learning for example in science class they might take pictures of an experiment that they did and later review it.
- Calendar: help your remember test dates, exam dates, assignment due dates
- Voice Notes: sometimes it takes too long to write a note down so why not just record a quick voice note
- Phones can be silenced during class or study periods, and active only in appropriate places

- Students often forget to turn off their phones in class, and ringing noises or text-message alerts disrupt learning.
- Even if set to silent, cell phones can still cause distraction, since text messaging has become a high-tech method of passing notes in school.
- Cheating: students text message each other the answers for tests or exams or might even go into the web to find the answers
- Student cell phone networks add to the spread of rumors and misinformation, which can be harmful during a widespread crisis
- Encouraging fights to happens and posting them on youtube
- Setting drug deals/ bombs etc

Some places like parts of South Korea, Japan and Ottawa have ban cells at school.
Do YOU think cells should be ban from schools, do you think they’re just a distraction, or should we be able to keep them?


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lauren! said...

Cell phones have become an extremely popular resource amongst society. Like yllza said, “one in every three teens have a cell phone” ...and for those who don’t, they probably share with a parent or sibling. I only recently got my first cell phone a few months ago but the majority of my friends received theirs at the beginning of high school.

When it comes to banning cell phones in schools, I completely disagree. Although they make irritating noises and can be distracting to students, they have many positive qualities. Whenever after-school plans change I can easily phone or text my parents to let them know what’s going on. I also like the idea of having a cell phone when I am driving or walking home from school, in case something goes wrong.

As for cell phones influencing students to cheat, ANYTHING can influence students to cheat. Students can easily write notes in their calculator, on their hand, on a scrap piece of paper, anything! So if cell phones should be banned for that matter, then so should everything else!


I absolutely hate it when a teacher walks by me in the hall and tells me to put away my phone. I understand when I am in class and not listening to a lesson, or doing my work...but when I’m on MY break or MY lunch, I should be able to use MY cellphone. As long as I’m not being rude or distracting anyone around me, I see nothing wrong with it.

Matt Dean said...

I don't own a cellphone or use one because i don't need it. but i believe they should let cellphones be used at school because as some of the pros were quick note taking and reminders of everything. but the cons were pretty bad as well distracting people in class with text messages and ring tones etc.. but it still serves its purpose of communication.

niicole said...

I completly agree with the two comments above from lauren! and matt dean. Cellphones shoould be allowed in schools.
I also hate it when I am walking through the hall ways during break and I am told to put my cellphone away, who is it really bothering? Also I have been told to put my cellphone away at lunch. Considering at Orchard Park we all have the same lunch, I hiiiighly doubt they are useing their cell phone to cheat at that point in time. Once I was even told to put my cellphone away after school when I was in the front lobby trying to get my parents to come pick me up. just stupid. teachers worry way to much about cellphones being used to cheat or "drug trades"
drug deals are also done through talking to people, should they ban talking in school too?
it IS basically the same thing.

]ΛvΛЯіччΛ said...
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]ΛvΛЯіччΛ said...

i totally agree with lauren and matt and nicole..cellphones should be allowed in skools. If people think that they're too much of a distraction in class then, like Lauren said don't allow cell phones in class, but allow them in skools

The only thing is that I don't see a real problem with cell phones in class. As long as they're not ringing..and no ones talkin on them... i think it's fine. Cell phones aren't gunna CREATE any cheating!! I've SEEN ppl cheat with FULL sized pieces of paper while the teacher was still in the's actually more common than ppl i don't think cell phones are gunna make TOO much of a difference..cuz ppl who cheat will do it anyway! ANd cellphones for drug dealing?!?? So now we're just gunna assume that all highschool students are drug dealers?

Plus i think there's lots of advantages to cell phones in using it as a camera and to take videos of say science experiments and stuff like yllza mentioned. No one seems to have a problem with digital CAMERAS in class.

PLus, even if they were to ban phones in class...ppl would still bring them to class and text during class cuz it would easily get by teachers

So i think if a rule can't really be enforced, you shouldn't make it one.

ah-leks said...

Cell phones should definetely NOT be banned from schools!
Maybe 4 years ago when lockdown's weren't all the arge, but not now a days, when anything can happen. Now personally i'm not even a cellphone addict but its just like any personal possession, it needs to be with you at most times, and since we spend most of our day in school, it should be there too. I'm not saying we should be on them during class but they are needed for emergency situations for sure. I like the fact that Yllza listed pros and cons because there are just as many cons, but I think the pros overrule the cons.


Many people do not realize that the Canadian society has reached its peak with all these new technological devices ranging from Cellular phones, PDA’s to handheld computers. Therefore, banning cellular phones from schools will make things harder on the school cracking down on children whom go against the policy. Also not many people are going to obey these rules set out by principles as we see today at Orchard Park Secondary School, students find one way or another to use their cell phones within the building including places like the washroom and under staircases. Also about students using cell phones as a cheating source is a bad comparison because anyone can cheat using anything whether it’s a piece of paper or written on their hand. The best possible solution to solve a controversial topic like this would be by not banning cell phones at school, but not allowing them into classrooms while teachers are teaching lessons, also doing independent homework. Any student should have the authority to use their cell phone while on break or during their spare time. Ever since violent incidents have been taking place within schools, many parents have gotten worried and provided their children with cell phones so they could get in touch with their guardians at all times. Therefore, banning cell phones could arise new problems between parents and the school boards.


Yes, as we have seen the other comments posted by Lauren and Nicole we must take into account that in the future there will be more harmful devices that will be exposed to students and these will then be allowed into schools. There is a limit to how much control certain individuals have over others and in this case teachers and principals in this situation do not have enough power to totally ban cell phones from school unless they come up with a stronger argument and one everyone agrees with.

lauren! said...

i completely agree with harp. students use their cell phones in school no matter what the teacher's say. they need a much stronger arguement. wait, what is their arguement now?

"no cell phones in school because that would make school somewhat enjoyable and we do not want to encourage that" ???????


"no cell phones in school because we want another reason to yell at you" ??????

Matt Dean said...

i agree with lauren i've never really heard an answer when teachers are asked why no cells allowed in school, has anyone else heard an answer? maybe if they explained to us why?

tanja said...

cell phones not being allowed in school is the stupidest thing i ever heard. "drug trades"???? are you kidding me. these "drug trades" will happen with ot without cellphones, and even then.. since when has it been the school's responsilbility to step in?

thats a goot site with teachers writing in their opinions of cell phones. most make good valid arguments, and they even defend cell phone useage in school. most of them agree they're handy in school, but not during class (which is definitely a fair argument)

i think its SO extremly stupid when i have a cell phone sitting on my desk.. im not touching it.. not doing anything with it, and a teacher walks by and tells me to put it away. IM NOT DOING ANYTHING.. its just sitting there looking pretty. is it REALLY interrupting your ability to teach? i didn;t think so

ah-leks said...

I totally just burst out in laughter when i read Lauren's comment, because it's so true!! What on earth could a teacher say?
The reason tehy would come up with wouldn't make any sense, and they probably would be using their phones if they could as well. So maybe if teacher's are allowed to use phones then we should too. Because they are important to everyone , it's not just a trend.

Sonya!AtTheDisco said...

i dont own a cell phone but i think we should be able to use it. We just shouldnt use it in class but on our breaks and lunch is fine. Theres nothing wrong with useing them because we are not distracting people or takes too long to get on the internet...and we are definitely not use them to drug deal.

]ΛvΛЯіччΛ said...

i went on the internet for more reasons why ppl say we shouldn't have cell phones at school and I found this site of "National School Safety and Security Services"

They say that students shouldnt be allowed to have cells in school, mostly for the reasons that are already on this blog but they also had some valid reasons for when an emergency occurs. Check out the site for more info.

Harinder said...
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Harinder said...

Personally I think cell phones should not be banned from schools for various reasons. Although they can be distracting, being distracted is better then being unsafe. However, students should be told to put them on silent or vibrate or have them turned off when the teacher is teaching. A study completed says that after inquiring at schools that have had shooting, they say students should be allowed to carry a cell phone for safety. Especially after the September 2001 attack on America, and also the new process of LOCKDOWN. Also no matter what teachers say students do use their cell phones in school.

tanja said...

well in reference to mr. puley's email...
i still disagree. i mean, sure they could cause trouble like posting pictures of people on youtbue without their knowledge... but these sorts of things usually happen outside of school. school isnt really the place that kids make fools of themselves and have to worry that their photo will end up on youtube- and even then, these photos can be taken outside of school at the same time so what solution is really made? it simply puts a pause until school is over, no lesson learned. also, the whole issue with people posting videos of fights definitely is an issue, but instead of worrying that these videos will be on facebook, i think better protection should be taken at school. these fights wouldnt happen as often if teachers kept a better look out. no joke, a few months ago there was a SWARM of kids outside in the front watching 2 kids fight and kids in the hall yelling "WHO'S FIGHTHING!?" and two teachers walked by.. totally oblivious. and once again, only a small fraction of fights even occur in school so why should it be the school's business to step in and take responsibility to what gets posted online?